How Canadians Can Win at Online Football Gambling

One of the most popular sports in the world is American football. Online football betting has helped bring the sport to a global audience. In this sport, bettors can choose from a dizzying array of markets, increasing the action and excitement.

Here, we’ll walk you through:



Tips for Joining a Football Betting Website

What are the most popular wagers on football, and what are the most popular competitions to bet on?

Our Method for Evaluating Football-Related Websites



There is an incredible variety of American football betting sites available, but our experts will only recommend the best ones to you.


We do a number of different checks, including:


Regarding certification and licensing, our focus is on SSL-secured websites.


Feeling safe and secure while using the internet is essential.


Betting Options: An Extensive Selection of Football Markets


We rank the sportsbooks that provide their players with the best bonuses.


We favor sites that offer multiple payment methods and a high payout rate.


Football Betting Site Registration Instructions

Once you’ve mastered the basics of football betting, you can pick the finest site for you.

Look for a button labeled “Register” or “Sign Up” on the homepage.

Please provide your contact information in the registration form.

For further safety, a security question could be required.

Make your choice of login name and passphrase.

Enter the coupon code to receive a discount.

Verify your maturity and agree to the site’s policies.

Common Wagers on Football

There is a dizzying variety of wagers available at football betting sites.


Decimal, American-style moneyline, and British fractional odds are all options on our Odds Calculator, which can help you determine your potential earnings.


Popular wagers on the sport of football include:


The margin of victory

The margin of victory

The most common way to wager on NFL games. A sportsbook gives you a 50/50 bet by establishing a handicap indicating by how many points one side will win. Then, you must determine which team you think will win or lose by a larger margin than that.


Moneyline Moneyline

There are no advantages given or taken away; you simply pick the victorious team.


Over/under on the point total

Over/under on the point total

A sportsbook’s prediction of a total score for both teams. The bettor then chooses whether they think the final score will be higher or lower than what the bookmaker predicted.


Absolute triumph

Absolute triumph

You can put money on your team if you think they have a good shot at winning their conference or possibly the Super Bowl. Better results are more likely if you start early in the season.


Initial tally

Initial tally

What player do you think will open the scoring? The initial field goal, perhaps?


Free-for-all markets

Free-for-all markets

You can wager on a single player’s total yardage for either throwing, receiving, or running.




This type of wager, sometimes abbreviated as “acca,” pools together wagers on multiple games.


Football betting bonuses: many varieties

Sportsbooks are consistently innovating new strategies to attract new players and retain existing ones.


Bonuses, in all three varieties, are a commonly used tool for acquiring new customers.


A Bonus Icon to Say Hello

Bonus Payment Upon Arrival

This is a popular bonus, however it varies from sportsbook to bookmaker.

Check the fine print to see if you’re actually receiving a deal.

Improved Chances Symbol

Improved Prospects

It pays to keep an eye out for bonus odds promotions when there’s a big game happening.

These may appear on the resulting market or another hot commodity

Both new and existing consumers can take use of them, however stake limitations may be in place.

Symbol of the Elite Social Scene

Inviting Only Members

Regular bettors are rewarded by some sites by being invited to join exclusive VIP clubs.

It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and feel appreciated, plus it often comes with discounts.

Members of the club may occasionally receive special perks, such as reduced betting costs or discounted merchandise.

NFL (National Football League) is the primary football league for wagering.

National Football League

The king of the hill. The highest level of American football, including 32 professional clubs from all around the country.


After a 16-game regular season, the top teams advance to the playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl.


League of Canadian Football (CFL)

League of Canadian Football (CFL)

Canada’s top professional league. Although there are just nine clubs, all of them are professional and play 18 games per season.


There are six teams that advance to the playoffs, and the Grey Cup is played for the championship in late November.


NCAA (Football in College)

NCAA (College Football) is significantly more established than the NFL and enjoys massive national popularity. This is the beginning of your rise to fame and fortune.


There are 130 FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) colleges in the NCAA, all with packed schedules and plenty of money on the line.


Football Drafts

Football Drafts

Excellent for getting in on the ground floor of things. Fans select teams composed of actual athletes and get points based on those athletes’ actual statistics.


The rivalry is fierce, with picks coming from the National Football League (NFL), the Canadian Football League (CFL), and the NCAA football season.


Football wagering on the go

In recent years, gambling websites have adapted to the changes by being as mobile-friendly as possible.


You can wager quickly and effortlessly from any internet-connected device, whether you use an Android or an iPhone, thanks to the widespread availability of betting apps and sites.



In Canada, you can easily place bets on American football games. There are now countless sportsbooks that allow you to feel like you’re right there in the thick of the action no matter where you are.


Are you curious about Canadian sports betting? Then go no farther than our comprehensive guide to sports betting.




How does football wagering work in the United States?

You make a calculated guess as to the final result of your wager and then put your money where your head tells you to.


The amount you win, if any, depends on the odds of your bet.

Which online football betting firms offer the greatest odds?



Everywhere on the web, with corresponding app support. Markets on American football are now available at nearly every international sportsbook.


If you’re having trouble deciding between several potential sites, use our handy guide.

Football betting lines are what?



A quantitative measure of how likely something is to occur. For more information on how betting lines function, read our detailed tutorial.

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